Why to get fixed by travel agency? 

we can do it together in a free style

every visitor gets upon arrival a welcome pack with a top red Malbec wine

and a high quality homemade fruit jam

Tailor made itineraries

 I can make your plan alive, from planning the route or recommending the places, obtaining the flight tickets at the best prices, fixing accomodation, renting a car, preparing activities - all to your wish, budget, age or health conditions

Personal guiding and support

If you´d rather wish to be led throughout your trip, with hapiness I will do it - during travel, sport, treks, fun or any other request. If you are an only or a group up to 8 persons, it is an ideal situation, but no worries if more... . You can go calmly with me even to the world´s end... !

But be sure that ...

I will do for you almost anything...
I will do for you almost anything...


I will get you the best options for an easy holiday

  • light walking
  • sightseeing 
  • beach relaxing
  • wine experience
  • whales or pinguins watching
  • golf at the best locations
  • photo trips
  • fly fishing in Patagonia

If you like something physical, then let´s go for:

  • trekking 
  • multiple days mountain crossings
  • mountain biking
  • skiing
  • rafting

If you are keen on something entertaining, then I´d invite you to:

  • tango or salsa classes in a nice environment
  • spanish language courses in desired time scale and location
  • excursions of any kind

plus all what fits your needs, all can be combined or specifically adjusted

4 seasons in Argentina

not sure when to visit?

stay calm, this country has a lot to offer all year round and will treat you with pleasure and full enjoyment - with an advantage of the antipodes to Europe you can be coming throughout the year:

- summer Dec - Mar / recommended - beach, south and southwest (Terra del Fuego, Patagonia...)

- autumn  Mar - Jun / recommended - all parts

- winter    Jun - Sep / recommended - ski, wine, north and northeast

- spring    Sep - Dec / recommended - all parts

I T I N E R A R Y   E X A M P L E S

..... note that the below you can find the virtual examples - everything is chosen by you and the places are being adapted to your needs, as well as the number of days or nights, form of transport...

  i1) extreme expedition

  i2) trekking in the southern NPs

17 days of pure nature in Patagonia

flight via Buenos Aires to Ushuaia

accomodation every night

6 days on the island of Terra del Fuego - Ushuaia, boat trip to Beagle Channel, national park visit, Bahia Lapataia, trek through the patagonian rainforest, Cerro Guanaco, Glaciar Martial, Laguna Esmeralda, Lago Fagnano and even trip to Rio Moat at very end of Terra del Fuego

transfer to main land and El Calafate, then El Chaltén  -  a capital of argentinian trekking - NP Los Glaciares    

5 days of walks and treks - Laguna Torre, Cerro Fitz Roy and Laguna de los Tres, other glaciers views

4 days of the trekking in the NP Perito Moreno (do not mix up with a famous glacier), discovering life in typical estancias and untouched nature

drive back to El Calafate, flight from El Calafate to Buenos Aires

  i3) vineyards and Aconcagua view

i4) Salta and north-western provinces

12 days of an incredible journey though the provinces Jujuy and Salta

Quebrada de Humahuaca, Purmamarca, Salinas Grandes 

reaching the places over 4000 m asl

tren A Las Nubes - the highest railway in Argentina (optionally with the whole day train trip)

hike to the San Francisco hot springs

Salta - colonial, subtropical and the most beautiful city - shopping, night life, view point by the cable car

vineyards in Valle Calchaquíes and Cafayate area

flight BA - Salta return

4 WD car or microbus

    i5) ski and wine

   i6) sea and natural beauties

experience summer in January and February

Argentina offers some great Atlantic ocean locations!

have a traditional meal in the shade of pine trees

visit the locations such as Iguazú waterfalls, Perito Moreno glacier, Terra del Fuego - a lifetime experience

28 days drive in 4WD through a famous and spectacular  Ruta Cuarenta RN40 - Andes mountain road 

length of 5 194 kms (3 228 miles) - from up to 5 000 m asl  down to sea level - from Bolivian border in the north to Patagonia´s end in the south

passing 11 provinces

having incredible views and experiences, visiting most of the most interesting places

going through national parks, salinas, lakes and hardly reachable spots, vast nomansland

having a break day or two with wine drinking in Mendoza province

7 days of easy time in the west - Mendoza area

visiting the best wineries for tasting

one day spent in the Cacheuta hot springs, one day in Mendoza city / night life

Puente del Inca and treks in front of Aconcagua, Villavicencio village - mineral water

optional trip to Santiago de Chile

transport by microbus

from Buenos Aires by flight / bus

bothered and disturbed by too hot or neverending summer crowds?

come and experience skiing in July, August and September at the best Andean slopes - there is a choice of the many great resorts!

enjoy probably the best powder snow in the South America - either in La Hoya or in Las Leñas!

taste the top wines at the best wineries close to Mendoza

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gained within last 16 years

from a terrific subantarctic Terra del Fuego in the south up to subtropical Chaco area in the north

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You can be sure that I will do my best to make your wishes come true in the most convenient way

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