This country deserves more attention !

                                                   and not fairly is far off being a top destination

If you read further, you will discover why ...


                                                                             ...because it is

- stunning

- diverse

- wild

- friendly

- peaceful

- different

- full of nice people

 - not that commercial

- full of beef and lamb meat

- full of perfect wine

Let´s put some light on it 

as this part of the world deserves more of our interest and then will surprise not only enthusiastic globetrotters, but also someone who likes to discover it on the sofa at nicely heated home, with glass of wine in hand

I always try to compare it with New Zealand -

surely Argentina comes out much better in ratio 

price / performance. It offers much more ...

 ... with incredible diversity ...

+   within few days you are able to switch from the ocean via hot springs to glacier, from desert to a massive river delta, or from the highest peak of Americas at 6962 m to a lake laying at the 7th lowest depression in the world at -105 m

I want to show you a different view

by not a typical look into the country´s best

- you will also love Argentina !!!

I wish to create a civic heraldry register

to wake up more sence of history, belonging and pride

- with help of the government and the municipalities

...and I will push strongly to make Argentina  cleaner and responsible for environment

4 seasons in Argentina

not sure when to visit?

be calm, this country has a lot to offer all year round and will treat you with pleasure and full enjoyment



prepare yourself for a tailor-made experience




how to reach me


skype:  honzahk13                                                       



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